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Today 9:00am - 7:00pm

Patient journey

Outpatient Prescription Journey

Step 1

The Patient enters Pharmacy with outpatient Prescription and approaches the front counter.

Step 2

A Pharmacy Counter Assistant confirms the patient’s details, allergy status and which department the patient has visited. Payment is then taken if the patient isn’t exempt from prescription charges.

Step 3

The prescription is booked onto the tracking system. The patient will then be provided with a waiting number which is visible on the TV screen in the waiting area.

Step 4

The prescription is passed to a Pharmacist for a clinical check to ensure the patient receives the appropriate medication and dose prescribed.

Step 5

The Prescription is labelled with the patient’s details and prescriber directions to conform with regulations.

Step 6

The prescription is assembled by a dispenser ready for the final check.

Step 7

The prescription is accuracy checked and a final sign off is received to ensure the medication matches with what the prescriber intended.

Step 8

The prescription is scanned off the tracking system
as complete and the waiting number is called out. Counselling for the medication is provided and the prescription is handed over

** Please note that some prescriptions from specialised departments will come directly from the prescribers where a specialist pharmacist has completed a clinical check. Occasionally it will require a clinical check post-blood results before we can release the treatment.**