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Today 9:00am - 7:00pm
Today 9:00am - 7:00pm

Delivery information

Why wait?
Let us deliver your prescription directly to your door

The Pharm@Sea delivery service aims to provide accessible and contemporary solutions for the way patients receive their prescriptions. From monthly care to unplanned visits, we endeavour to make receiving your medication smoother.

Our small fleet of drivers deliver medication from Monday – Friday and can deliver all across Sussex. As well as using external courier companies to reach outside of Sussex.

How it Works

Once your prescription is fully processed, it will be given to the delivery department. We will then contact you to organise a delivery. You will receive at least one of the following, a phone call (or voicemail), text message or email.

If you have a mobile phone or email, once the delivery date is organised, you will receive a communication stating the date of delivery.

On the delivery day, you will then receive a further communication, with an estimated one hour time slot and link to be able to track the driver. Our drivers can get caught in traffic, or run ahead, so if you cannot access the tracking link (for the most up to date information), please call the delivery team who are happy to access this for you.

How do I Organise a Delivery?

If your Consultant or Department organises prescriptions for you, you can ask them to request a delivery.

If you’re dropping off a prescription, speak with one of our team members to request a delivery.

If you have an outstanding prescription, please contact us on the channels below.

How to Contact Us

If you have a query about your medication delivery, or would like to organise a delivery:

01273 523247

This line is available Monday-Friday
9.00am – 5.30pm


Our delivery team are not trained to answer any queries related to your health or medicines, for any such enquiries please get in touch with us at the main pharmacy number.



I work full time, so won’t be at home to accept a delivery, what do I do?

Our policy is that we cannot leave medication unattended, for example in a letterbox or safe space. We can however deliver to alternate addresses for you. We cover the entirety of Sussex, so please contact us and we can sort out a delivery elsewhere. If you are happy for our drivers to leave the medication with a trusted neighbour, please contact us to let us know. We do need explicit instructions in order to do this; our drivers will not leave medication with a nominated neighbour without prior instruction.

Can I get this delivered to my local pharmacy or GP Practice?

Some pharmacies and GP Practices will accept parcels on your behalf. However, in order to do this, the pharmacy/GP Practice will need to send us an email (uhsussex.delivery.pharm.sea@nhs.net) with permission. Without this, we cannot deliver there.

What happens if there is an issue with my medication?

Please contact us as soon as this happens. One of our staff members will help you with any issues.

Call us on 01273523247, or email on uhsussex.delivery.pharm.sea@nhs.net (Monday-Friday, 9-5.30pm)

If the delivery team are not available, please contact the main pharmacy on 01273523257, or uhsussex.pharm.sea@nhs.net

I have mobility/hearing issues, what do I do?

If you have access to the tracking link for your delivery, you can leave up to date instructions for our drivers (e.g. knock loudly, give me time to get to the door). If you cannot access this, please feel free to contact the delivery team, so the drivers can be updated.

I usually pay for my prescriptions, how do I do this if I am receiving a delivery?

Our delivery team can take over the phone payments.


We are always looking for customer feedback to constantly improve our service. Please click below to complete our confidential questionnaire.